Ferrari Monza SP2: the Best Looking Car of 2019?

Ferrari Monza SP2: the Best Looking Car of 2019?

The Ferrari Monza SP2 is certainly one of the most hotly anticipated super cars due for release in 2019. Ever since its unveiling in September 2018, Ferrari enthusiasts around the world have eagerly awaited the opportunity to get their hands on what is almost certain to become a future classic.

That’s exactly what Ferrari are intending with the release of this modern-day “Barchetta”. The Monza SP2 is the first super car scheduled in the company’s “Icona” series - a new line which aims to re-imagine and re-interpret its iconic classics with modern aesthetics and contemporary performance.

The Monza SP2 wasn’t designed just for nostalgia. It is built to give owners a road-legal Formula One driving experience unlike any other car on the market. Of course, being Ferrari, they made it beautiful. The futuristic design features achingly cool contours which look like they were sculpted by the wind.

The Ferrari Monza SP2 is actually one of the most powerful V12 road cars ever to leave the company’s Maranello factory. The engine is derived from the monstrous F140 GA V12 found in the 812 Superfast. It has been optimized to deliver a higher level of performance.

The front-mounted 6.5-liter engine produces a whopping 820 PS (809 bhp). The Monza SP2 is capable of going 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds, 0-125 mph in 7.9 seconds, and has a top speed of 186mph. Nope, this beauty certainly isn’t just a museum showpiece.

One of the key features you might have noticed about the Monza SP2 is the lack of windshield. This adds to that Formula One driving experience, allowing owners to attack corners with a completely unobstructed view.

Ferrari says their “Virtual Windshield” technology creates a comfortable environment for the driver, with minimal wind resistance hitting your face, even at high speeds.

The vast majority of the body is made from carbon fiber, making it ultra-lightweight. Ferrari says the Monza SP2 is perfectly balanced, with no roll whatsoever.

The interior has a simple, elegant design which includes a single-piece carbon-fiber seat. Being a Ferrari, they had to balance performance with style. The Monza SP2 features swing-up scissor doors. If you don’t turn heads when you arrive, you’ll turn heads as you get out.

With all the power going to the rear wheels, the Monza SP2 is certain to be a lot of fun to drive. The designers finished the car with a stunning pair of shoes, sitting on unique 21” forged wheels.

The limited edition Monza SP2 is expected to cost around $1.75 million after taxes and import duties.

The Prancing Horse company will build just 499 of these unique cars, which will be reserved only for the serious Ferrari collectors.

The production of less than 500 will be split between the Monza SP1 & SP2, according to buyer’s demand.

The Monza SP1 is a single-seat version of this modern-day “Barchetta”.

With less interior, the SP1 version is lighter, giving slightly better performance statistics.

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