Six Top Tips For Saving Money On Luxury Travel

Six Top Tips For Saving Money On Luxury Travel

For the majority of the year, most people are fully focused on their careers, so when the time comes around to take a break, there should be no expense spared on your happiness. You deserve it!

If you’re a high flyer at work, you’ve earned the right to demand the absolute best luxury travel experience you can afford. Why not splurge on the finer things in life, right?

Having said that, you don’t have to blow all your hard-earned on a luxury trip. If you spend your dollars wisely, you can get the best luxury travel experience while maintaining a certain sense of normality with your budget.

Here are our six top tips to help you get the best out of luxury travel without needlessly pouring good dollars into a bottomless pit.

Don’t Overdo Your Schedule

Time is the most precious commodity you have when on vacation. If you try to take in too many destinations you might end up spending a lot of in airports, train stations, or the seats of various modes of transportation. Not fun.

Also, if you breeze in and breeze out of places quickly, you don’t really get a sense for the destination you have visited beyond the superficial impression of how it looks. Choosing fewer places on your trip allows you to savor your free time and get a more authentic experience from the places you visit.

Plan & Book Ahead

While there may be some great last-minute deals for the more budget-minded end of the travel spectrum, in the world of luxury, it is better to plan ahead and book early.

Luxury travel often involves highly exclusive resorts, villas, and hotels in ultra low-density destinations. Booking closer to the date of travel can often mean a scarcity of accommodation which sees prices sometimes triple.

In luxury travel, it is better to not be exploited by a lack of availability. Book early; get the best price.

Book a Range of Hotels

While you may be able to afford to stay in the best resorts and hotels while away, the wise luxury traveler will be a little more selective about their accommodation depending on the nature of their trip.

For example, if you are planning on making a tour which takes in numerous sights, sometimes a hotel room is just a bed to sleep in before you are up and out again the next morning.

However, if you know you’re going to spend your days enjoying the location and the amenities, then sure, spend big on the best luxury resort you can afford.

Pack Wisely

The delicate art of packing well lies in taking the things you will need for your destination and then being ruthless with your choices. Believe me, you might regret bringing 32 pairs of designer shoes to Italy as you drag numerous suitcases down a quaint cobblestone street.

Sure, you’ll want to look glam, but if you’re taking in multiple destinations, traveling light is always the best way. However, if you’re booked into a resort or a private villa, you can take advantage of concierge services which will handle all your luggage from the airport to the destination. In that case, go for it. Take everything you might want!

Be Flexible

Having a rigid calendar can often lead to paying more for airfares than if you can be a little more flexible. Those who can plan their trip around the cost of airfares can save considerably and still get everything they wanted out of their holiday.

Emerging Destinations & Best Deals

Being ahead of the curve in terms of trends can certainly help you find the most exclusive travel destinations before demand makes the prices sky rocket.

The best way to discover emerging destinations and find the best deals is through an agent who specializes in luxury travel. EliteLYFE provides a bespoke travel service for high-net-worth individuals which includes private jets, super yachts, platinum concierge services, and access to the world’s most exclusive resorts, hotels, and villas.

For emerging destinations and the best luxury travel deals, subscribe to the EliteLYFE mailing list or touch base with the team to open up a world of travel possibilities you never even knew existed.

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